CPP40707 Certificate IV in Security and Risk

Course Info

CPP40707 Certificate IV in Security and Risk anagement

On successful completion of this course will provide employment opportunities suited to the following job roles:
 Senior Security Officer
 Security Supervisor
 Security Trainer
 Security Risk Coordinator
Entry Requirements
There are no formal prerequisites required for this qualification. However, it is expected that participants have English language, literacy, and numeracy skills equivalent to at least Year 11 level.
Basic to intermediate computer skills are also required for entry into this qualification.
Participants may choose to undertake an LLN assessment with one of our qualified assessors prior to committing to their enrolment in this qualification. This course is delivered face-to-face and self-directed learning which may involve up to 15 hours per week if completed within 6 months.

Units for Course
Total number of units = 15
11 core units
4 elective units

BSBWOR401A Establish effective workplace relationships
BSBWOR402A Promote team effectiveness
BSBWOR404A Develop work priorities
CPPSEC4001A Manage a safe workplace in the security industry
CPPSEC4002A Implement effective communication techniques
CPPSEC4003A Advise on security needs
CPPSEC4004A Monitor and review security operations
CPPSEC4005A Facilitate workplace briefing and debriefing processes
CPPSEC4006A Assess risks
CPPSEC4007A Assess threat
CPPSEC4012A Identify and assess security of assets
BSBADM409 Coordinate business resources
BSBCUS401 Coordinate implementation of customer service strategies
BSBINN301 Promote innovation in a team environment
BSBMGT403 Implement continuous improvement

Delivery & Assessment
Each unit includes some reading materials and a series of assessment activities.
Typically, this will include:
 Written questions
 Case studies or practical activities that can be based on real or simulated work environments
 Projects requiring you to demonstrate that you can apply the knowledge and skills

Everyone learns at different rates however we estimate 25-35 hours to complete each unit within a
Certificate IV. You have access to your trainer through email or phone, or you may choose to make an appointment.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) or Credit Transfer
For each unit of competency, candidates will be given the option to demonstrate competency through a combination of any of the following:

 Written or verbal questions demonstrating the required knowledge
 Case studies or practical activities demonstrating the required skills
 Projects based on a real or simulated workplace
 Portfolio of evidence which may include:
 Prior qualifications, both accredited and non-accredited
 Employment history such as position descriptions and performance appraisals
 Industry appointments such as board and committee roles
 Publications and journals
 Samples of work and other relevant documents, photos, videos, etc.
 Testimonials and other references from verifiable sources

Each candidate is assessed individually. Our assessment team will validate the evidence supplied and
conduct mapping against the evidence requirements for each unit. Where required, assessors will request additional evidence and provide guidance on suitable types of evidence for the candidate to supply. (RPL Fee is priced per unit $150 incl. skill gap training - $1,800 for full RPL course no skill gap training).

Blended Study
Recognition of Prior Learning is determined at unit level so if you have some relevant skills and experience you may be able to complete some units through RPL and others online or workplace.
Similarly, if you need extra support with some units then you may choose to study some units online and others at our facilities

Course Fees - $2995.00 Please contact our office for the full fees on application of course.
(03) 8527 8888 www.securetraining.com.au We accept payments by cash, eftpos, cheque, bank deposit and credit card (Visa, MasterCard)

An enrolment fee of no more than $1,500 will be accepted on or prior to enrolment then once course commences the balance of the fee may be paid by the above methods.